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Community Building From the Ground Up

October 8, 2016

In order to build a community, you have to start from the ground up, creating a foundation that fosters both stability and sustainability.  The team at MiNDS does just that—grassroots efforts that bring us face to face with community members in order to help build them up.  The network began in order to fill a gap between what was needed and what was being provided to local communities.  Our strategy employs us to work directly and virtually with communities to create a long-lasting impact.   

How does MiNDS do this?  We start with assessing the needs of our local communities through various outreach events organized annually.  From that point, we form an implementation strategy on how to best provide services in line with the specific and broader needs of the community.  Once we’ve established a strategy, we partner with organizations and individuals to provide programming and resources accordingly.


MiNDS’ invests in community members’ well being, so that they are equipped with the proper tools to succeed and benefit themselves, their families, and their neighborhoods.   Our model focuses on three crucial areas—community development, mental health, and specialty healthcare services.  Through these three areas, we are able to provide services that are both low-cost (or no-cost) and high-impact.  As we continue this work, we learn from our experiences in order to make our programming more effective and beneficial for others.  

We consistently adhere to our six core values:  

·       Dignity:  To respect community members’ inherent value and worth while attending to their needs. 

·       Responsibility: To be reliable professionals accountable for providing the best resources in both healthcare and community development. 

·       Compassion: To be empathetic towards community members.

·       Comfort: To alleviate patients’ sufferings by providing medical care with ease and comfort that can greatly facilitate patients’ recovery.

·       Impact: To be dutiful to the needs of our society and have a lasting impact on quality of life with health and happiness.

·       Excellence:  To set high standards of service for MiNDS in exceeding expectations through teamwork, innovation, and improvement.  

These core values are what move us to do the work we do, hold ourselves to high standards, and constantly improve so that we can further benefit our communities.  It’s through this grassroots work that we are able to effect change at a local level, which eventually can effect change on a regional level.

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