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Why Join

As a provider, you will be able part of a large network of physicians who love to give back to the community. Through this network you will be able to refer some of your patients that you may have been providing free health care and are now in need of another specialty. As a Provider you will also be updated with the most important healthcare news and events that affect your practice in this fast changing field with the new laws that are changing daily. You will also receive a bi-monthly newsletter with updates of MiNDS events and issues pertaining to the health community.

As a volunteer, you will be to contribute to the growth of MiNDS. You will also able to have hands on practice at the health screening event, learn the latest in physical diagnosis & be able to shadow a physicians. You will learn the skills to be a leader and an advocate for better healthcare at your community and most important of all, make a change in someone’s life that otherwise would not have been able to obtain proper healthcare.

Your kind donations will help cover some of the cost of diagnostic testing and medications that are needed to treat the patients.

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About MiNDS

MiNDS is a Family-Centered Development organization based in the Inland Empire and North Orange County, Southern California, with a wide charitable network of specialty healthcare providers, community development and economic empowerment programs.
Community Development, Specialty healthcare to uninsured, Mental Health awareness